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Author Topic: Abbott and cigarettes in plain packs


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Abbott and cigarettes in plain packs
« on: June 08, 2013, 05:04:21 PM »
Abbott won't repeal plain packs, when he was health minister he made them put more warnings over more of the pack including the pictures of gangrene feet and lungs etc. Labor just took it a step further that's all. All the while the Liberals continue to happily accept donations from big tobacco!

Abbott was also responsible for the completely irresponsible removal of the details of the tar/nicotine/co content on the sides of the packs. It is a persons right to know the strength of what they are smoking. It is for precisely this reason that the alcohol content and number of standard drinks are shown on all alcoholic drinks. If alcohol content wasnt disclosed, you wouldn't have a clue how drunk you could get if you had a bottle of hard spirits compared to a bottle of wine for example. The same is true for a pack of 16mg smokes compared to a pack of 1s,2s,4s,6s,8s or 12s.

As far as plain packs working or not, they just simply don't. It's the cigarette inside the pack that smokers care about, not the look of the pack itself. Think about this for a moment - if/when you buy marijuana it will likely be sold to you in a plastic zip lock bag, tin foil, or maybe even a brown paper bag or something even more unattractive. Do people who buy pot care about this at all?? No! They care about the pot inside and how good it is. The same is true for any drug including tobacco products. I rest my case!