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Author Topic: AusPol.co Mobile Site Gestures & Navigation

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AusPol.co Mobile Site Gestures & Navigation
« on: October 25, 2017, 02:48:16 PM »
Tap/click the Full Site link found at the bottom of each page to use the full AusPol.co website (for PCs and large tablets). Tap/click the Mobile Site link to use the smartphone optimised version of the website.

Mobile Site Gestures & Navigation:

Tap the and buttons in the top left corner to Login/Register and Logout, respectively.

Use the button in the top right to Search the AusPol.co website.

The five menu buttons on the bottom of the site from left to right are; Home, View/Edit Profile, Messages, Recent Posts, and Unread Posts.

Swipe left to go back.

Swipe right to go forward.

Press and hold the previous/next page buttons to go to first/last page, respectively.

Note: To edit your profile you must use the link on the profile page to access the full website. After you have finished editing you may return to the mobile site by using the link at the bottom of each page.