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Heading north on that pawsome holiday?

Heading north on that pawsome holiday?

Winter in the southern Australian states can be cold and bitter. Travelling north to enjoy the warmer weather is enticing and why wouldn’t you take your dog along for the trip?

There is no doubt your pooch will enjoy frolicking on the beach and making friends with other dogs. However, your dog’s health may be threatened if you don’t prepare them for the trip into warmer climates.

Have you heard of ehrlichiosis? Ehrlichiosis is a disease carried by the brown dog tick and is found across the northern parts of Australia. It is nasty and an infection can be fatal to dogs.

To protect your dog, ensure they are on a tick control program before you leave home. Talk to your vet as they can provide advice on products suited to your dog.

During your travels, check your dog every few days for ticks and don’t let them mingle with local dogs in remote areas as they might already be infected.

Prevention is the best protection so make sure you pack some additional tick control medication along with your swimsuits and sunscreen.

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