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Deficits as far as the eye can see but not a solution in sight

Liberal Party of Australia

Deficits as far as the eye can see but not a solution in sight

After an absurd five-day drip feed
strategy, the Treasurer’s Intergenerational Report shows Labor’s true plan for
a big Australia with higher taxes, higher spending and deficits for the next 40

Shadow Treasurer
Angus Taylor said Jim Chalmers is more interested in forecasts and commentary
than delivering solutions for the problems Australians are facing today.

“This report
paints a picture of Labor’s bleak future. Deficits as far as the eye can see
but not a solution in sight,” Mr Taylor said.

“40 years
couldn’t be further from the minds of Australians suffering under Labor’s cost
of living crisis.

“Australians are
worried about what their lives are going to be like in 40 days not in 40 years.

support groups are seeing unprecedented numbers of Australians in jobs with
mortgages who simply cannot afford to live.

“This needs to
be the government’s first, second and third priority but unfortunately that’s
not what we’re seeing.

“Today’s report
highlights the need for a responsible government that spends taxpayers’ money
wisely, incentivises investment and commits to deregulation to drive down the
cost of living. Instead, Labor is promising more spending, more tax and more
migration that will only make cost of living pressures worse.”

Shadow Finance
Minister Jane Hume said the Treasurer has decided to release an
Intergenerational Report three years early to tell him something he already

“Like a
frog in slowly boiling water, the Albanese Labor Government has spent the last
12 months getting us ready for more and higher taxes. The IGR is just the
latest in a series of government announcements that lament higher government
expenditure without ever offering a solution other than higher taxes.

“This is
yet another example of a government that likes to review, rather than do.

“The Coalition
is committed to productivity reforms that will grow the economy, driving more
effective government and supporting lower taxes so the next generation
experiences a better quality of life.

“But more
government, more taxes, more red tape will only make the challenges in this
report worse.”

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