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Labor dithers as hundreds of manufacturing jobs axed

Liberal Party of Australia

Labor dithers as hundreds of manufacturing jobs axed

that Australian advanced manufacturer Tritium will close its Brisbane factory
are devastating. The closure will result in 400 jobs being lost from the heart
of Brisbane.

failure sits squarely with the Albanese and Palaszczuk Labor Governments,
destroying what little credibility Labor had left on manufacturing.

represents the very best of Australian innovation and manufacturing and is
exactly the sort of Australian manufacturer we need to ensure Australia can
transition to a low emission economy.

closure of this factory is directly attributable to unaffordable energy costs
and a failure of the Albanese Government to get the economic settings right for
Australian manufacturers.

and time again Anthony Albanese used
Tritium as a backdrop for his press conferences
as a totemic
business to launch his manufacturing policies
during the Federal
Election. He even highlighted Tritium during his
recent trip to Washington

very factory the Prime Minister used to market his politics will close thanks
to his policies.

much vaunted National Reconstruction Fund is proving useless as Aussie jobs go

the Prime Minister overseas once again, Australians are losing their jobs,
facing unaffordable mortgage repayments and a cost of living crisis.

Albanese’s failure to deliver an economic plan has led to the closure of this
factory and that will hang like an albatross around the Government’s neck.
Higher energy costs are sending Australian businesses to the brink and Labor
does not have a plan to stop the squeeze.

Industry Minister Ed Husic was overseas, alarm bells were ringing and now we
have lost another Australian manufacturing enterprise. Factory workers in
Brisbane lost their jobs while Ed Husic was focused on his next one.

Husic will forever be the Industry Minister who killed Australia’s sovereign
satellite industry program and instructed his Department to hide it from the
White House. Now he will also be known as the Industry Minister who went
missing in action while Australian factory workers lost their livelihoods.

Albanese pledged he would ‘build things in Australia’, but with hundreds of
real jobs gone because of his failures, this is just another promise he has

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