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Labor spins while the Coalition listens

Liberal Party of Australia

Labor spins while the Coalition listens

While Labor tries to spin and spend its way out of a cost of living crisis, the Coalition is focused on finding real solutions to this crisis.

The Cost of Living Committee is holding a hearing in Gladstone to hear how Labor’s dual cost of living and cost of doing business crises is impacting the regions.

Chair of the Committee, Senator Jane Hume, will hear from local business groups and Master Builders Australia about Labor’s industrial relations changes. Senator Hume will seek to understand how Labor’s anti-productivity agenda and high energy prices have impacted their ability to deliver lower prices for consumers.

The Committee will also hear evidence from the Gladstone Regional Council and Gladstone Women’s Health Centre, as well as not-for-profit organisation Aussie Helpers, about how the cost of living crisis is taking its toll on the community.

Senator Hume said that while the Albanese Government has been focused on the wrong priorities, Australian households, particularly those in regional Australia, have been left behind.

“The Prime Minister has finally admitted that Labor’s policies to tackle the cost of living haven’t worked. But he’s still not listening. With Australian households hurting, the Coalition will continue to pursue finding sensible solutions to Labor’s cost of living crisis.

“Everywhere we go, from suburban Melbourne to Port Augusta to Alice Springs, we hear that cost of living is the number one issue facing Australian households and businesses. Yet Labor has no plan to help them.

“Labor knows the Australian public can see through their spin on the cost of living, that’s why they’re looking to spend $40 million on a PR campaign to explain why they lied.

“Australians are paying the price for a government that has no economic plan and can’t keep its promises.”

Senator Matt Canavan said Labor’s policies are pushing up the cost of doing business, and have already cost 1000 nickel jobs in WA.

“It’s only a matter of time before our aluminium, and other manufacturers start to struggle under the weight of the extra costs of policies like the safeguard mechanism.

“We need to be listening to these businesses, and make sure that they can keep people employed in Central Queensland.”

The full Cost of Living Committee program is available here:

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