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​Labor undermining Australia Day

Liberal Party of Australia

​Labor undermining Australia Day

The Albanese Labor Government is undermining Australia Day and it’s paying dividends with 81 councils refusing to conduct citizenship ceremonies on our national day.

The Prime Minister says he has no plans to change Australia Day but judge him on his words not his actions.

The Albanese Government changed the rules to allow locals councils to cancel their citizenship ceremonies on Australia Day, and 81 councils have now taken up that offer, according to new data published today.

The Coalition believes that new citizens should have the opportunity to become Australians on our national day.

Labor is undermining the significance of Australia Day and is laying the groundwork to abolish January 26 as Australia Day.

If the Prime Minister wants to change Australia Day he should be upfront with the Australian people instead of working in the shadows to change the date.

The Prime Minister’s hand-picked ambassador to the United Kingdom has already cancelled a long-running charity event held on Australia Day.

The Labor Government is sending the message that January 26 is no more special than any other day of the year.

Australia Day is a proud day for the many thousands of people who will join our multicultural family and become Australian citizens, it should be respected.

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