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Television Interview - Flashpoint WA

Radio interview – ABC Radio Upper Hunter Breakfast with Scott Levi

SCOTT LEVI, HOST: The Prime Minister Anthony Albanese joins us on the line. Good morning, Prime Minister.

ANTHONY ALBANESE, PRIME MINISTER: Good morning, Scott, on what is a truly tragic morning for the people of the Hunter, for the people involved in this tragedy. To wake up to hear of 10 fatalities and 25 people taken to hospital, John Hunter there and Sydney, is just a terrible, terrible tragedy.

LEVI: What assistance can the Government give?

PRIME MINISTER: We will reach out and give whatever assistance we can. Premier Chris Minns is travelling to the region this morning. And I think at the moment the big thing is to give care to those people who have been injured. Secondly, to once again be reminded of that incredible job first responders do and that people at John Hunter Hospital and in Sydney are doing to care for those who’ve been injured. We will need to reach out to those people who’ve been impacted by this tragedy because the thoughts of people travelling to a wedding – which should be a cause of celebration and great memories – these people will all be connected, by definition. So the circle of family and friends who will be impacted by this, it won’t go away forever. This will be retained in their memory as quite a horrific experience here on the June long weekend, which is a time when people are celebrating and having time off. And this tragedy is just beyond words really.

LEVI: Prime Minister, appreciate you calling in. Thank you.

PRIME MINISTER: Thanks very much, Scott.

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