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We're so excited to introduce our candidate for the Rockingham by...

The Greens (WA)

We’re so excited to introduce our candidate for the Rockingham by-election, Madeleine De Jong, Greens Candidate for Rockingham Madeleine is a mum, a community advocate, social justice activist, and a life-long Rockingham local, and you’re going to love her. Here’s what motivates her to run in this by-election:

“I am running for Parliament because our community deserves a bright, green, future-focused representative who prioritises genuine action on the issues that matter most.
Rockingham is a really special place to me. I was raised here, went to school here, rented my first homes here, got married in a backyard here, and had my baby here.
I’m a passionate advocate for social justice, equitable housing and renters’ rights, addressing the mental health crisis with affirmative solutions, and protecting our environment and green spaces for generations to come.
I love Rockingham and all of the things that make it a unique and vibrant place to call home. You’ll often find me exploring its beautiful green spaces and oceans with my family.
As our Greens representative for Rockingham I will be the warm, empathetic and strong champion for equality, support, and action that our community deserves.”

This by-election is an important opportunity to fight for the things which matter most to our community. Will you join Madeleine? >>>

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