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Davies call on Minister to break housing project deadlock

Stage Two of a housing project developed by Avon Community Development Foundation (ACDF) in Northam has been given a glimmer of hope by the Minister for Housing after Local Member Mia Davies MLA has raised the issue in Parliament.

Ms Davies said the ACDF had been trying to get Stage Two of Mortlock Gardens off the ground for over two years but had been hit with roadblocks within Government preventing progress.

“It’s absurd that we have a housing shortage across the State, a Housing Minister that says Government is doing everything it can to get more stock on the ground, and a ready-made project stalled by red tape,” Ms Davies said.

Mortlock Gardens commenced in 2014 and opened in 2017 and has enjoyed almost one hundred percent occupancy since then.

“This project was made possible by Royalties for Regions funding when The Nationals WA were in Government, with land contributed by the ACDF to create 18 residential units in Northam,” Ms Davies said.

“They are an asset for the community, providing a diversity of housing stock, and making it possible for businesses to attract and retain employees who would otherwise be driving in and out of town every day.

“Quality accommodation is fundamental to the growth of our regional communities, and I commend ACDF for having the foresight to plan, develop and deliver housing stock into the market.”

She said the red-tape preventing Stage Two of the project progressing needed to be cut through by the Minister.

“Having written to the Minister for Housing, I then took the issue up in Parliament and am pleased he has agreed to meet with representatives from ACDF and myself to resolve the issue,” Ms Davies said.

Chairman of ACDF, Phil Eaton said “ideally the Department of Communities will remove this Caveat (that should not even be in place), so that Stage 2 of Mortlock Gardens can proceed without hindrance. It is our intention to build twenty villas (40 beds), in stages, on the adjoining land that ACDF owns, and will be funded by ACDF.

Businesses and employers are screaming for worker accommodation, which ACDF can assist with. Demand for worker accommodation is only going to increase over the foreseeable future”.

Ms Davies urged anyone with an interest in community development to contact the ACDF Chair Phil Eaton and support the organisation’s efforts to improve infrastructure and services in the region.

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