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Labor rejects select committee to investigate impact of timber industry closure

The WA Labor Government has again turned its back on WA workers, their families and businesses, rejecting a motion from Member for the South West Region, Louise Kingston MLC to establish a select committee into the true economic impact of closing the native timber industry.

The select committee would investigate the direct and indirect impact of the closure, along with a review of the WA Governments Transition Plan and the Forest Product Commission’s ability to meet its contractual obligations.

Mrs Kingston said WA Labor’s decision to close the sustainable industry was a reckless attack on Western Australian communities.

“The WA Labor Government’s attack on WA’s sustainable timber industry is a perfect example of policy based on ideology and not facts.

“We know very well that Labor’s numbers are wrong, claiming over 500 people will be directly impacted by the closure of an industry worth $200million.

“The Government themselves admitted that 17% of respondents to their flawed survey which was linked to the closure were directly impacted respondents, which equalled almost 3000 people. Far more than their now claimed 556.

“That’s why we need a select committee, to reveal the truth.” Mrs Kingston said.

Mrs Kingston who is also Shadow Minister for Climate Action raised concerns that the sustainable timber industry closure would increase Western Australia’s reliance on coal.

“WA’s timber is an important carbon reductant in the production of silicon, which is required to produce silicon wafers, a key component of solar panel production.

“Simcoa, who is Australia’s only exporter of silicon is having to consider importing coal to address timber shortages. Proof of Labor’s recklessness and little regard for the real impacts of their decision.”

“The select committee will investigate these impacts that Labor have failed to consider in their decision and report on them to the Parliament.” Mrs Kingston said.

The WA Labor Government rejected the motion.

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