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Victorian Nationals

Annabelle Cleeland – Education promises broken in brutal budget

10 May 2024


Local residents will continue to pay the price for the Allan Labor Government’s failure to manage money and the state’s increasing debt levels, with this week’s State Budget abandoning previous commitments for schools across the state.


Nationals Member for Euroa Annabelle Cleeland said upgrades to Broadford Primary School were among 29 education projects across the state that Labor committed to during the 2022 election which, in yet another broken

promise by Labor, remain unfunded after yesterday’s budget.


Labor committed nearly $14 million for Broadford Primary School’s redevelopment during the 2022 election, however it will no longer receive this funding anytime soon as it was left off this week’s budget papers.


“Parents, students, and staff are rightfully concerned that the school’s redevelopment has been cancelled,” Ms Cleeland said.


“When the commitment was announced, Labor representatives said Broadford Primary School’s funding would be ‘life changing’ for these students.


“Sadly, this life changing promise is no longer important to the Labor Government – who instead will continue to blow hundreds of millions on unnecessary projects and their ever-growing debt.


“Failing to uphold this commitment jeopardises the academic success of the local children, while also undermining their overall well-being and future opportunities.


“This is a direct consequence of Labor’s financial mismanagement, and our local students and education system are paying the price.”


Ms Cleeland said Labor’s decision to offer $400 to parents of public school students was deceptive and that the education sector took a significant hit in this year’s budget.


“While Labor has tried to win people over with its $400 payment for education expenses, the devil is in the details,” Ms Cleeland said.


“It still costs more to educate your children in the public school system in Victoria than it does in any other state.


“The education sector in this state has seen drastic cuts once again, including $79 million from early child sector support, and this measly payment goes nowhere near far enough to support those within our broken education system.”

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