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Emma Kealy – Labor’s lies exposed: Animal welfare bill manipulated

Wednesday 27 March 2024


The Allan Labor Government is facing intense scrutiny over its consultation process for the proposed Animal Care and Protection Bill.


Recent revelations suggest that the consultation may be nothing more than a facade, with stakeholders alleging that the bill is already a “done deal” approved by cabinet, rendering their submissions futile.


This revelation has sparked outrage among various stakeholders, including outdoor recreation groups and the Victorian Farmers Federation, who feel sidelined and ignored in the decision-making process.


It was alleged that the Bill was drafted in partnership with several animal welfare groups, with minimal input from the farming community.


Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Emma Kealy, condemned Labor’s actions, and is standing by Victorians affected.


“Yet again, Labor has shut our producers out of discussions when developing important laws that could have a drastic impact on every Victorian’s ability to grow and eat Victorian-grown produce.


“Enough is enough. Producers who do the right thing should not be forced to shut down simply because their right to farm has been traded away by Labor for votes.


“Labor must listen to our farmers and make critical changes to the Animal Care and Protection Bill before its tabled in Parliament, no matter whether Cabinet have already approved the draft bill or not.”

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