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Victorian Nationals

JADE BENHAM – Buyback Fightback Tour continues

Thursday 14 December 2023

Member for Mildura, Jade Benham joined the tour, led by Deputy Leader of The Nationals and Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Emma Kealy, and Shadow Minister for Water, Tim McCurdy, to speak with food producers and stakeholders to discuss the already tangible impacts felt across Victorian communities.

Farming communities in Northern Victoria are on the brink of devastation, and the entire state is set to pay a hefty price at the supermarket checkout as a result of Labor’s buyback plan.

The Nationals’ Buyback Fightback Tour visited Wodonga, Yarrawonga, Shepparton and Kyabram, finishing in Mildura and Robinvale.

The Federal Labor Government’s controversial deals with the Greens and crossbenchers, including Indi Member Helen Haines, have sealed the fate of this destructive legislation.
The legislation recently passed the Senate and aims to secure an additional 450GL of water for the environment, with a singular focus on ideology rather than safeguarding the vital dairy, horticulture and viticulture industries that underpin our communities.

Essentially, our valuable water is being flushed down the Murray River and out to the ocean, despite Victoria having already delivered more than its share of water to the basin plan.
Ms Benham said The Nationals will continue to shine a light on Labor’s destruction of farming communities and its disregard for plunging Victorians deeper into the worsening cost-of-living crisis.

“The surge in production costs for farmers paints a bleak picture, forewarning an inevitable spike in expenses at the supermarket checkout—a direct consequence of Labor’s misguided legislation,” said Ms Benham.

Ms Kealy said millions of dollars in agricultural production is at risk and farming industries are already feeling the effects of this destructive legislation.

Mr McCurdy said farmers cannot be expected to maintain or increase production with diminishing water resources.

“It’s evident that Federal Labor shows little interest in supporting the viability of Victorian farming industries. As agricultural production in Victoria declines, we find ourselves increasingly dependent on other states and nations for our produce,” said Mr McCurdy.

It’s clear Jacinta Allan can’t manage money, can’t manage projects and can’t be trusted to protect our water.

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