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Melina Bath – Report reveals critical gaps in flood recovery efforts by Allan Labor…

Friday 19 April 2024


Today, during a regional parliamentary sitting in Echuca, the Legislative Council Environment and Planning Committee tabled its interim report on the Inquiry into the 2022 Flood Event in Victoria.


The report focused on flood recovery in Northern Victoria and highlights significant shortcomings in the Allan Labor Government’s response and recovery efforts for flood impacted Victorians, 18 months on from the devastating event.


Member for Eastern Victoria Region and committee member, Melina Bath said Gippsland would significantly benefit from good recommendations that come from the final report.


“It’s important we get good recommendations from this report to ensure the government can more effectively address the needs of Gippsland communities during and after a flood, sooner than what we have seen in Northern Victoria,” Ms Bath said.


“As many residents remain in temporary housing, it is imperative that the Allan Labor Government intensifies its efforts to assist displaced individuals and stops allowing flood-affected communities to suffer the consequences of its mismanagement.”


Alarming findings show that the complex processes involved in accessing financial aid for flood recovery intensified the suffering of numerous individuals, businesses, and communities.


Complexities and delays have discouraged some from applying, while others found that the aid available did not meet their actual needs.


Another finding found a pressing demand for timely insurance processing to ease financial strain, and the broader issues of housing availability, affordability and suitability in the region created additional distress in housing flood affected people.


With the inquiry chair an inner-city Labor Party member, it highlights how the findings simply could not be ignored.


Currently, local councils are still awaiting financial assistance from the Allan Labor Government to address the significant damage to infrastructure in flood-affected areas.


Shadow Minister for Water, Tim McCurdy criticised the Allan Government for its slow response, noting that many communities are still waiting for appropriate support 18 months on from the floods.

“Loddon Shire Council has $30 million in infrastructure damage across the region but has received approval from the Commonwealth for disaster recovery funding that covers less than half of the $4.6 million already spent,” Mr McCurdy said.


“While the Allan Labor Government continues to waste billions on project blowouts on Melbourne infrastructure projects, regional Victorians impacted by floods continue to pay the price for Labor’s inability to manage money.”

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