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Victorian Nationals

Peter Walsh – Labor must focus on closing gap as recommendations remain in limbo

Wednesday 3 April 2024


The Liberals and Nationals today note the government’s response to the Yoorrook Justice System’s second interim report.


Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Peter Walsh, said the focus should be on closing the gap and improving education and housing outcomes for Indigenous families.


Mr Walsh said the Allan Labor Government needs to prioritise action over bureaucracy as key recommendations in the report remain in limbo and under consideration.


Particularly Indigenous Australian single mothers, who are disproportionately affected, with urgent housing needs being overlooked. Their lives cannot wait for lengthy Allan Labor Government procedures; immediate action is crucial to address their pressing needs.


The Liberals and Nationals also stand firmly against a separate Indigenous justice system, which remains one of 15 recommendations still under consideration.


“All Victorians should be treated equally under the law,” Mr Walsh said.


“To close the gap, we need a holistic approach.


“The Allan Labor Government must focus on education as the key to greater opportunities in life for Indigenous Victorians.


“Investing in education and employment opportunities breaks the cycle of disadvantage, fostering positive change.


The Liberals and Nationals will deliver a standalone department with a Minister accountable for the betterment of Indigenous Victorians, rather than an agency that is buried in the Premier’s department.


“Our action-oriented approach will address the needs of Indigenous Victorians, crucial in closing the gap,” Mr Walsh said.

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