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Victorian Nationals

Peter Walsh MP – Letter to The Editor

Monday 8 January

Dear Editor,

As Premier Jacinta Allan marks her 100th day in office, there is no cause for celebration in regional Victoria.

Recent budget projections paint a distressing picture, forecasting Victoria’s net debt will surge to a staggering $177.8 billion by mid-2027.

While Melbourne projects enjoy unlimited funding, regional Victoria grapples with escalating homelessness and challenges in accessing medical care.

The Labor Government’s relentless focus on city-centric initiatives exposes a disregard for the pressing issues plaguing regional communities.

The list of concerns is lengthy: Hospital waitlists soaring, GP clinics on the brink of closure due to Labor’s Health Tax, many paediatricians unable to see children for up to a year, regional roads further deteriorating, and a housing crisis so dire there is a community of families camping in tents in Bendigo.

It is imperative that Labor redirects taxpayers’ hard-earned money responsibly.

On top of this, Labor’s decision to shut-down the native timber industry, ban gas in new homes, and contribute to skyrocketing energy prices due to an unprepared transition to renewable energy has dire consequences. The Energy Minister’s refusal to rule out power outages this summer further undermines confidence in the government’s competence.

Despite regional Victoria constituting 25 percent of the state’s population, the funding it receives equates to half of that. Yet regional Victoria is obligated to contribute to the escalating debt resulting from imprudent decisions on city projects.

The Allan Labor Government’s prolonged neglect of regional Victoria is evident.

Instead of investing in statewide housing or implementing measures like a new round of the Power Saving Bonus to alleviate financial pressure on Victorians, Premier Allan seems determined to squander billions on city projects that offer little benefit to majority of the state.

Premier Allan can’t manage money, can’t manage projects and can’t bring down your energy bills.

Peter Walsh MP
Leader of The Nationals

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