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Victorian Nationals

WorkCover premiums soar, fuelling Vic’s cost of living crisis

Life under Labor is getting increasingly tougher for Victorian families and businesses as WorkCover premiums soar.
The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region, Melina Bath said the Andrews Government was slugging families and businesses any way it can after blowing billions in public money through mismanagement and inept decision making.
“Policy decisions and city projects with billion dollar budget blowouts are driving the cost of living crisis in the state.
“The huge spikes in WorkCover charges have come at a time when Victorian businesses can least afford them – the price of goods and services is increasing, rents and mortgages soaring and workforce shortages are biting hard.
“There’s no end in sight for hardworking Victorian businesses who are feeling the financial pain from skyrocketing state government fees and charges.
“To remain viable, the only option is to pass the increase onto their equally struggling customers.”
The average WorkCover rise is 42 per cent, however some regional business across the state are reporting rises of almost 80 per cent from last year.
The premium increase comes after Victorians had to fork out $1.3 billion in recent years for a WorkCover rescue package due to Labor continuing to spend beyond its means.
Ms Bath said experts and business groups have been warning for quite some time that WorkCover in Victoria was “fundamentally broken”.
“The WorkCover scheme requires a complete overhauled with modern fit for purpose reform as in its current form it is unsustainable.
“Victoria employers pay the highest WorkCover rates in Australia which is a major contributing factor in Victoria’s cost of living crisis.
“While hardworking Victorians continue to struggle, tone deaf WorkSafe executives shockingly awarded themselves an additional $42,000 in their pay packets – taking their annual salaries to $310,000 and beyond.
“The Labor Government is unable or unwilling exercise financial discipline as costs spiral out of control, meanwhile Daniel Andrews’ default position remains to punish Victorians for his mismanagement and waste.
“I encourage all businesses, clubs and community groups to complete my quick survey:”.

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