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Television Interview - Flashpoint WA

Radio interview – Triple M Sydney Breakfast

HOST: The Prime Minister, Anthony ‘Albo’ Albanese, is on the line. Now Prime Minister how were you watching it? Where did you watch it?

ANTHONY ALBANESE, PRIME MINISTER: I watched it here at the Lodge in Canberra. It was just so good. The Danes started so well. And they were really on the attack but amazing kicked by Fowler to set up Foord, and then she just put it away. It was magnificent. And then the second goal was just as good. It was just an awesome performance by the Matildas.

HOST: It was now. I understand the Lodge hasn’t been lit up but told me you stood at the window and flashed a torch a couple of times.

PRIME MINISTER: Well, we did light up Parliament House last night. We had people went out there – it was a bit chilly, I’ve got to say. But they braved the Canberra cold to light up Parliament House just as a sign of our support for the Tillies and now they go on to Brisbane on Saturday night for the quarters.

HOST: Now Princess Mary, she was barracking for Denmark. Do we renounce her Australian citizenship?

PRIME MINISTER: I think I think she’s done that already. I think that’s how you get to be a princess.

HOST: We’ve got a new princess – Queen Mary Fowler.

PRIME MINISTER: We are very proud of Princess Mary. I’ve got to say that the Danes I think took it took it very well. It was a great game played in good spirit.

HOST: Yeah, they should stick to baking pastries. That’s all I’m gonna say.

PRIME MINISTER: This morning, I got a text very early from from my office saying we’re having Danish for breakfast. I thought it was rubbing it in a little bit.

HOST: Did you speak to their Prime Minister or whoever it is? Is it a President? What goes on over there? I don’t know.

PRIME MINISTER: She’s a very fine woman. And I did not speak with her. And today, I don’t think she’d take my call.

HOST: Alright, let’s get to the big one. You’ve been putting it out there, there’s a public holiday up for grabs here. What needs to occur for this to take place, a national public holiday for the Matildas?

PRIME MINISTER: Well, I have a National Cabinet meeting on next Wednesday with all the Premiers and Chief Ministers. And I reckon if they get through on Saturday, it’ll be on the agenda. It’ll be on the agenda for sure. It’d be a pretty brave Australian state leader, wouldn’t it, who said said no to that. It is inspiring the whole country and it will inspire particularly for younger generations. It’s just fantastic to see young girls and young boys getting so excited and getting behind the Matildas in what is the world game. Here in Australia we tend to favour rugby league or AFL but it is being watched by many many hundreds of millions of people, if not billions, around the world

HOST: Sure has. I believe it’s the it’s the greatest sporting event this year that hasn’t been canceled by Daniel Andrews.

PRIME MINISTER: I think everyone’s forgotten about that.

HOST: All right, so if we make the quarterfinals can we have a quarter of a day off? For the semis: half a day? Can we go bigger than one day? So if we make the final, it’s a day off. If we win it, a week.

PRIME MINISTER: Now you’re talking something that might do a bit of damage to productivity and the economy.

HOST: We’ve had the Ashes win. Overnight we had the Diamonds win.

PRIME MINISTER: The Diamonds had a huge win in the netball against against the old enemy. That’s the 12th time they’ve won the World Cup.

HOST: The girls have gone bonkers and they’re representing our country so well on the world stage today. And women’s sport has just gone to the next level. Thank you for your time today, Prime Minister. Are you going to be at any of the grounds for the remainder of the games?

PRIME MINISTER: I actually have another schedule on Saturday night that I’m going to try to shift around to get there. I’m in Mount Isa Friday night at the rodeo. What could go wrong?

HOST: We’ll talk to you after that for sure.

PRIME MINISTER: Well, I hope you do.

HOST: And what a great place to be watching the Matilda’s has they marched forward inexorably to their destination. Thank you, sir.

PRIME MINISTER: Thank you, guys. Have a lovely day.

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