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Victorian Nationals

Health Tax will cost regional Victorians

Labor’s new health tax will leave regional Victorians without vital healthcare services if the Andrews Government refuses to withdraw its imposition on General Practitioners (GPs).

Labor’s Health Tax would mean backdated payroll tax is levied on local GP clinics, resulting in tax bills of up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and placing the ongoing viability of some clinics at serious risk.

Nationals Member for Ovens Valley, Tim McCurdy, said he was worried that more Victorians will be priced out getting healthcare when they need it, putting more pressure on an already stretched emergency system.

“It is already challenging to see a GP in regional areas, with many people having to wait two weeks or more just for an appointment.

“Because Labor has slapped another tax on local GP clinics, the out-of-pocket cost to locals will increase, with fewer bulk-billing clinics.

“This is a dirty cash grab from a broke government.”

Mr McCurdy also said that he was disappointed Labor was continuing to squeeze regional Victoria dry without any regard for the consequences.

“They are expecting regional services to deliver the same or greater outcomes, yet at the same time are pulling more and more money out of them.

“You cannot get good outcomes by abandoning the regions, not now, not ever.

“Labor should be ashamed that they are making it harder for GPs when we need them the most.”

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