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Izabella Antoniou is our Greens candidate for Summer Hill....

The Greens NSW

Izabella Antoniou is our Greens candidate for Summer Hill.

Izabella is running to break the mould of a ‘politician’ and give the people of Summer Hill a strong voice on housing, accessible services, youth issues, and climate action.

“The cost-of-living crisis, rising rents, and lack of affordable housing are pushing our neighbours out of the area, severing local trust and connections that take years to build. The electorate of Summer Hill is 45% renters, and I’m one of them. Local rents have skyrocketed, and every day I hear how fellow renters are unsure where they will be in the next six months.

I’m calling for sustainable, affordable housing and infrastructure that will meet community needs and is accountable to us. Initiatives must consider how we live our lives and interact with our community and enhance it and protect us from the changing climate.”

As a community worker, Izabella is greatly aware of how female-dominated professions such as her own, teaching, and nursing have been chronically undervalued and underfunded despite this work being vital. She is fighting to bolster our teachers and local schools to deal with rising education inequality. She supports nurses, carers, and health staff through ratios across all wards and caring sites; and demanding a reinvigoration of TAFE with free courses.

Izabella will push for a new green economy, devoid of gas and fossil fuels, to set up our community to protect young people and fight for their future.

“I’m running for The Greens because the people of Summer Hill deserve a representative pushing boundaries on what we can achieve. I’m a youth worker, a writer, a young person, and a proud Cypriot woman. I have struggled on Youth Allowance, through insecure work and insecure housing. I am not your average politician. I am your community advocate.”

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